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APART Audio Audiocontrol 12.8 met DSP, 12 inputs, 8 outputs

stuk Merknaam APART AUDIO wordt BIAMP

APART Audio Audiocontrol 12.8 met DSP, 12 inputs, 8 outputs
APART Audio Audiocontrol 12.8 met DSP, 12 inputs, 8 outputs
APART Audio Audiocontrol 12.8 met DSP, 12 inputs, 8 outputs
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The new Apart AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is unique in the market, this multi-zone system is the solution fot the installer of today!
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The new Apart AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is unique in the market, this multi-zone system is the solution for the installer of today!

De inmiddels vertrouwde merknaam APART AUDIO zal binnenkort overgaan naar de naam BIAMP.

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Have you always dreamed of an audio matrix which is easy to install? The new Apart AUDIOCONTROL12.8 is unique in the market because the unit can be used by users with a different audio experience level. The easiest way is the out of the box configuration. You don’t need to program anything at all. In case you want to modify your inputs and outputs, you can easily configure the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 via the installer mode in the intuitive and user friendly Graphical Installer Interface (GII). Expert level certified people can use the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 at full strength. Via the GII they have access to all DSP settings and can program the unit so that it does exactly what they want it to do.

•        Easy to program/install and easy to use
•        Functions out of the box with standard configuration
•        Graphical Installer Interface with Installer and Expert Levels
•        Configurations can be saved/backed up and transferred to other AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 units
•        The unit can be locked to protect your configuration settings
•        Control of other Apart or 3nd party devices
•        Wire connection diagram automatically generated
•        Paging stations and wall controllers

Anyone with a little bit of audio knowledge will be able to work with this ‘out-of-the-box’ configuration where 5 stereo line inputs and 4 stereo output zones are already pre-programmed. You don’t have to be afraid of programming this matrix thanks to the user-friendly Graphical Installer Interface (GII) that comes along with the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8. In the GII it is a easy to connect your sources to an input of choice and to configure your output zones to be mono, stereo, 2.1, mono crossover or stereo crossover. Furthermore you can easily add paging stations or wall controllers to your configuration if needed. In just a few minutes your configuration has been completed and can then be stored on your computer as back-up. You can copy your configuration easily to other devices.

AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 has been developed to cover all your needs in your small and medium sized applications.

In the Installer Level you have:

•        12 analogue inputs (6 balanced on euroblock and 6 on RCA) all configurable to be mono or stereo
•        Input 12 can either be used as a normal mic/line source input or as a paging microphone
•        8 line RCA outputs can be configured via the GII
•        Graphical Installer Interface to adjust the gain, EQ and dynamics on the input
•        Paging possibilities (DIMIC1 / DIMIC12 / DIMIC12S)
•        Wall control (DIWAC)
•        Serial control port for control via any touch panel control system (or via NETKIT-RS)

For more technical information, please have a look at the technical sheet (2) at the bottom of the page!

Expert Level Certification

For advanced programming of the AUDIOCONTROL12.8 you need Expert level access where you will have more options available like:

•        Full graphic EQ
•        Dynamics
•        Paging station programming
•        Wall panel programming
•        Macro programming
•        ... and much more!

With this Expert Level certification, we want to guarantee that only authorized people can program the advanced settings of the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8. Only qualified people will be able to program in Expert level and Expert level configured units can only be modified by Expert certified people. In this way we can be sure that the end customer will experience optimal sound quality.
The EXPERT level certification program includes 3 parts:

•        AudioControl 12.8 hardware
•        General Audio Engineering
•        Graphical Installer Interface (GII)

In each part you will be asked 10 multiple choice questions. Watching the AUDIOCONTROL 12.8 tutorial (1) and using the technical data sheet (2) will make this certification program (3) a walk in the park. You can find the tutorial and technical sheet in the download section of this page.

In order to participate to the Certification Program please register by clicking on the link below!

We wish you a lot of success and hope to welcome you as a member of the AUDIOCONTROL EXPERT community!

More downloads (bottom of the page) and an introduction movie